Training pathway

Introduction course

A basic introduction to ultrasound should be acquired by attending an introductory course. This course should comply with following requirements: 16 hours of training, with sufficient attention for hands-on practice and a maximum ratio of 4 candidates per teacher. The introductory course should contain the four topics written below.

Scanning period and logbook

After the introductory course, the candidates are supposed to apply this knowledge in clinical practice. In the course of minimum 1 year and maximum 2 years they are expected to log images as written below:

  • eFAST : 25 scans (min 5 pathological)
  • Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm : 25 scans (min 5 pathological)
  • RUSH : 5 full RUSH, 20 Echo in Life support (only heart) (min 5 pathological)
  • Vascular access : 10 procedures (min 2 central venous lines)


Candidates are expected to collect pathological images on a USB-stick in order to evaluate the images during the competence testing (sign off) day. These images are preferentially stored as loops, as this facilitates interpretation. For the cardiac echo’s (included in the RUSH exam), loops (3s) are obligatory, because still images provide insufficient information. As a backup procedure for ultrasound machines incapable of storing loops, loops may be recorded on a smartphone.

For normal cases : Revision of the images and signature of a supervisor is required, storage of images or loops is optional.

If no supervisor is available in your institution, loops can be recorded for normal exams as well and revised by a chosen supervisor on the list, this can also be done on the sign off day. Notify the BEUS taskforce in advance!

Competence testing

During one day, both theoretical (knobology, basic physics and artefacts) and practical knowledge are tested.

Becoming a supervisor

After acquiring a level 1 attestation, progression to supervisor can be made. The only requirement is attaining one year of regular ultrasound practice after the completion of level 1. The request can be done through an email to the ultrasound taskforce. The candidate will then be added to the register.

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