Mike Smet

ZNA Middelheim

I started working in  ZNA Middelheim Hospital in Antwerp in  1999 as an internal medicine/emergency/intensive care physician .  From 2017 I only  work in the emergency department.

I have a  special interest in good clinical practice and rapid evaluation of the critically ill patient.

During my internal medicine training I became interested in the use of ultrasound to support the clinical work. After the WINFOCUS course in Rome in 2010, I became very interested in the  game-changing use of lung ultrasound and the use of ultrasound in every critically ill patient. 

Ten years after the Winfocus course I’m more than ever convinced ultrasound in the ER is a part of standard good clinical practice.

Teaching activities : -Banaba course  nursing AP Hogeschool Antwerpen : Trauma and toxicology.  // the use of lung ultrasound in the emergency and intensive care department at the Bronkhorst Colloquium for Dutch and Flemisch chest physicians in 2011 and 2012. // Hands on ultrasound : IFAD congresses Antwerp. // Skillslab Lung Ultrasound for pneumologist – April 2019.// Hands on training UZA level 1 course 2018-2019.// Hands on training Belgium level 2  US course 2019.// Hands on training and lecture  use of US for pneumothorax  Belgium level 2 US course 2020

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