Focused on level 1 sign off for EM physicians or trainees, this process will be organized as

  1. 16-hours introductory course
  2. One to two years of scanning practice with completion of a logbook
  3. Theoretical and practical competence testing

Introductory course


  1. Minimum of 16 hours
  2. Content
    • Knobology & basic physics
    • AAA
    • Vascular access
    • US in shock: RUSH
    • US in trauma: eFAST
  3. Max. 4 participants / teacher

Any course (national/international) complying to these criteria is eligible. A list of endorsed courses will be made available to candidates or endorsing may be requested on case-to-case basis.

#### The task force members will organize their existing courses according to the criteria #### or #### The task force will organize its own course according to the criteria (x courses/year)

Scanning practice with logbook

Competency testing

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